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    Hodgetwins current tour schedule can be found at https://www.hodgetwinstour.com.

    Since we started doing YouTube videos, we begin to fantasize what it would be like to do an actual live comedy show; to be on the stage in front of our fans while performing a gut-busting performance based on stories of our real life. On January 23, 2016 that dream became a reality!!  The day before the show we stepped on the stage and visualized how this dream came into fruition.

    Hodgetwins Comedy Show Debut at the LA Fit Expo

    Yeah, we were nervous but also equally excited! So when the LA Fit Expo kicked off, we immediately feed off the energy of the fans. They were just as hyped for this to arrive. We were glad to see them as much as they were glad to see us...

    Hodgetwins Fans at the LA Fit Expo

    But the time had finally come and we had to connect with our security detail to travel from the Hodgetwins booth to the location of our debut comedy show.

    Hodgetwins with Security


    Our fans, ticket holders, to this ground-breaking, FIRST EVER live comedy show eagerly awaited our arrival and met us with the same high energy and excitement as always. But now the time was here and we were ready to rock!

    Hodgetwins Perform Live Debut Comedy Hour


     Hodgetwins Performing