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    (Friday, February 27, 2015)  -  KXSC Radio caught up with the Hodgetwins in the middle of their massively successful appearance at the 2015 FitExpo LA. Listen to the twins describe their hectic new tour schedule, which popular comedians have given them stand-up advice, as well as what's on the TV horizon for these talented twins.


    (Sunday, February 01, 2015)  -  The Hodgetwins return for their third spin on Dublin's #1 radio show, The Talk with Gordon & Lauren. As usual, they bring fun, laughter and a big announcement.


    (Sunday, November 02, 2014)  -  The Hodgetwins, featured as the September 2014 Cover Story of TRAIN Magazine, became one of the magazine's most highly anticipated editions to date. The 5 page article includes in-depth conversation with Keith and Kevin, as well as dramatic fitness photos of the twins demonstrating their workout routine which keeps them in cover ready shape. TRAIN magazine is distributed in the USA, Canada and UK.


    (Tuesday, May 13, 2014)  -  The Hodgetwins interview with Gordon Hayden & Lauren Kelly on Dublin's #1 radio station 103.8.


    (Monday, October 28, 2013)  -  On October 17, 2013, the Hodgetwins appeared on Huff Post Live to discuss fame, fitness and finding success on YouTube.


    (Monday, July 01, 2013)  -  To look at Kevin and Keith Hodge, one could make any number of assumptions. Because of their physiques, are they fitness pros? Because of their devilishly handsome looks, are they models? Because of their on-camera chemistry, are they comedians or actors? Yes, yes, and yes again!

    Because this is our fitness issue, we scoured gyms, overturned dumbbells and ran many miles to find the best experts to discuss with us their views on success, family, fitness—and ultimately health and happiness.

    Twin towers and fitness gurus, known to millions of their beloved YouTube, Facebook & Twitter fans as the Hodgetwins, joined us for a candid look into their lives, careers and entertainment & fitness empires.

    ULM: How did you get started in entertainment?
    HODGETWINS: Well, we took the long route into the entertainment industry. We’ve always been naturally funny, but we worked in the corporate world for a while and even enlisted in the Marine Corps, but none of it made us happy. We had this dream of making people laugh while inspiring them to live healthier lives, but had no idea how to achieve that and earn a living. We started doing YouTube videos on the side and really enjoyed it. One day at work, Keith had the idea that we should quit our jobs, and do YouTube videos full-time, so we did. If someone would have told us back then that we’d be doing this, we would not have believed them.

    ULM: Are you the only children, if not, where do you fall in line? Did being a twin have advantages or disadvantages growing up?
    HODGETWINS: We are the youngest in our family. We have an older brother and sister. We were very shy when we were younger and having a twin helped with that because we always had each other. Looking at us now, people would not believe how shy we were. Some of it remains, though.

    ULM: Being identical twins comes with the assumption that you have no differences. Keith & Kevin, please tell us one thing about your brother that you don’t possess but also admire.
    KEITH: Well, Kevin is more laid back and I really admire that about him.
    KEVIN: That’s funny because Keith is a lot more serious than I am, and I admire that about him.

    ULM: How do you stress the importance of healthy eating habits and exercise to your children?
    HODGETWINS: We demonstrate it by example. Since health and fitness is such a large part of our lives, our children are exposed to it every day. This is our lifestyle, so it’s normal to them. They see us going to the gym, they hear us discussing nutrition and they understand the impact it has on our physical appearance and well-being. The key is to make it a part of their lifestyle so they make those same great choices on their own.

    ULM: What advice would you give parents for keeping their kids fit?
    HODGETWINS: What’s most important is that parents demonstrate a positive, healthy attitude towards fitness and nutritional decisions. That way, children will adopt your positive attitude towards food, fitness and body image. Make it fun and be consistent. Create opportunities to be active as a family and take the time to cook and make snacks together. Parents can make better food and exercise choices for their kids when they plan ahead.

    ULM: You guys have over 2500 videos available for viewing online, how do you keep subject matter fresh?
    HODGETWINS: We get a lot of help from our fans! They’re great. We receive hundreds of emails per day from all over the world. It is a great source of content for us. People ask us for advice on everything from current events to their most personal issues. We also pay attention to things that are happening in the media and on the internet. So there is no shortage of things for us to talk about.

    ULM: With over 500,000 subscribers, would you consider yourselves official role models?
    HODGETWINS: We believe that people pick their role models for different reasons. We didn’t start our YouTube channels to be role models. We did it to share our thoughts and perspectives with the hope that it would help someone. We now know that because of what we do, there are people who have been inspired by us to change their lives or improve their fitness level or just break out of their shells and try something new like we did. That’s what’s important to us.

    ULM: You have a vast portfolio, dabbling in comedic relief, fitness and reality TV. Which platform has helped you to make the biggest impact on your followers?
    HODGETWINS: It would definitely be our Twin Muscle Workout channel, which we launched first. It has helped so many people lose weight and improve their fitness and overall well-being. Our followers have told us that it has changed their lives.

    ULM: What examples do you have that substantiates the Hodge twins credibility/ability to bring peoples fitness goals to fruition?
    HODGETWINS: My brother and I are both International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) certified personal trainers. We take what we do very seriously, so we are constantly doing research and updating our knowledge on what’s new in fitness. Our credibility really comes from our fans, though. We get emails with before and after pictures from our fans that show us how we’ve impacted their lives and helped them reach their goals. It is life changing for them, so it’s personal for us. It lets us know how important it is to put the time and effort into our fitness channel.

    ULM: Who inspires you to be fit?
    HODGETWINS: The mirror. LOL! Years ago before we got in shape, we both felt horrible looking at ourselves in the mirror. Now, we push and inspire each other to work hard and stay fit.

    ULM: We understand how being physically fit leads to a longer, healthier life…what are the wellness benefits of laughter?
    HODGETWINS: Laughing has a relaxing effect on the body. It can decrease tension and provide a mental release from stress. It also improves your mood. We believe that people should always try to find humor in your everyday life. You will definitely see a change in your wellness.

    ULM: Many people are looking for a quick fix to being overweight – what are the top no-nos people should beware of when starting a fitness journey?
    HODGETWINS: Many people don’t understand that the key to weight loss is calories in vs. calories burned per day. There are obviously several approaches to weight loss and each person must find which combination of options safely works for them. We’d like for people to not focus on trying to find weight loss in a bottle or as a quick fix. It’s all about making it a part of your lifestyle, which means a daily commitment to being healthy is required.

    ULM: Is there a different approach to training men versus women?
    HODGETWINS: Not really. Both sexes basically want to lose weight, which means they need to burn fat, and both want to build muscle, which means they need to do some form of strength training. We find that women are more focused on weight loss and men want to build more muscle

    ULM: Urban Lux Magazine is headquartered in Atlanta, a southern city with soul-food, fast-food and pop-up restaurants everywhere you turn. What advice do you have for people who like dining out but don’t want to blow the buttons off of their healthy lifestyle?
    HODGETWINS: You can eat pretty much whatever you want. It’s all about moderation, portion sizes and your activity level. It comes down to calories in vs. calories out. We eat out, but we’re physically active. There has to be a balance.

    ULM: We know you have a guilty food pleasure – share with us!
    HODGETWINS: Oh, man. We love to eat and we really love good food. Our cheat meals include pizza, barbecue ribs, or Popeye’s chicken and biscuits. But definitely not all at the same time.

    ULM: You’re delving into television and film – elaborate a bit. Are you looking to take on roles in front of or behind the camera?
    HODGETWINS: We definitely want to act in front of the camera, but wanted to take the craft seriously and also be taken seriously. So our manager, Angela Nichelle, is helping us to expand our brand outside of YouTube. We’ve attended some formal classes to get ready. We both really loved doing improv in one of our acting classes. It seemed to suit our natural personalities. We’d welcome roles in comedy, action and commercials but down the line, we could definitely see ourselves producing shows as well.

    ULM: What does the remainder of 2013 have in store for The Hodge twins?
    HODGETWINS: We will always continue our YouTube channels, but now have opportunities in TV and film. We’re also doing some commercials. We have an opportunity to do some work on the radio that we’re really excited about. Hopefully you guys will see and hear us in a really big way soon.

    ULM: Any final words of wisdom for your many fans?
    HODGETWINS: We want to thank everyone for their support, and are especially grateful to our YouTube fans. We’ve gotten to know them through their posts and emails. We know life can be tough at times but we’d like to encourage everyone to stay positive and find as many opportunities to laugh as possible. Take some time to figure out what you’re really passionate about and incorporate that into your life. It makes all the difference. We know firsthand that if you work hard and surround yourself with positive people, you will and can reach all of your goals.


    (Monday, July 01, 2013)  -  Meet Hodge Twins

    People know us from our Hodgetwins YouTube Channels: The Hodgetwins, Twinmuscle, and Askhodgetwins. We produce, edit, and upload about 15 videos per week. So far, we’ve uploaded over 2500 videos, have over 1.1 million subscribers and have grossed over 240 million views combined. It’s hard to believe those numbers sometimes, but we have so much fun working together that it really doesn’t feel like work. But believe us. It is.

    We love comedy and people are usually drawn to us because of our unique and edgy sense of humor. We really couldn’t imagine doing anything else. We get to make a living doing what we love to do, which is to be ourselves while cracking each other up and talking. It’s crazy!

    We’re preparing to expand our careers to TV and Film. We’ve trained at The Actor’s Center in Washington, DC, and we found the Improv portion of the class a natural fit for our personalities. It has taught us that we can do other things in entertainment without changing who we are.

    As ISSA Certified Personal Trainers, we enjoy helping people reach their health and fitness goals through our Twin Muscle Workout channel. People send us their “before-and-after” photos, and we’re always blown away with the results. Our interest in fitness began with wanting to improve our own health. If someone would have told us back when we started that people would be emailing us saying we’ve helped to change their lives and inspired them to be better people, we wouldn’t have believed it.

    The Hodgetwins fans are the coolest, most dedicated fans you will ever find. They are the perfect match for us. We still can’t believe we have such a global viewership. We even had the Australian branch of Saatchi & Saatchi ask us to judge their office fitness contest. It was big fun and they all did a great job. Talk about cool.

    Speaking of Australia, our voices can be heard in the new Australian radio ads for Massive Joes. When we’re not recording videos, working out at the gym, working with our manager or chasing dreams, we’re spending time with our families. It’s all about the family, man!