EP017 Chase Geiser

Chase Geiser is an American Patriot and Host at Infowars. He gives us an inside look into what is going on in the world of Infowars and all of the wild court drama they have been dealing with. Being so close to Alex Jones, Chase tells what Alex is like in real life. Also, Chase is on the Ukrainian EnemIes of The State List?! Y'all can't miss this one!




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02:06 - What Is Going On At Infowars?
05:52 - Kanye & Hitler
10:11 - Red States VS Blue States
12:04 - What Is A Free Mason?
15:14 - Old Democrats Vs New Democrats
18:33 - The Twins Were Homeless
21:10 - The Middle East
27:57 - Chase Is On The Ukrainian Hit List
31:17 - Chase Doesn't Pay Taxes
34:31 - Junk Food & Homeless Twins
37:06 - What Is Alex Jones Like?
41:48 - Chase's Book
44:40 - Radical Leftist
48:48 - 2024 Election
53:26 - Elon Musk's Hair & Tim Pool's Hat
55:24 - Nick Fuentes
58:33 - The Frogs Really Are Gay!
59:45 - What Is A Jew?
1:04:14 - What Is Populaism?

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