EP018 Alex Stein

Alex Stein is a viral sensation who is known all around the country for confronting celebrities and politicians in public. Alex also goes to city council meetings across the country making a mockery of them and exposing the hypocrisy of the woke culture. We talk to Alex about how he got started on this path and we go through some of his most legendary trolling moments on the way! From AOC to Marshawn Lynch, no one is safe!



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02:27 - Where Does The Nickname Come From?
05:40 - Alex Stein Makes An Announcement...
06:46 - 9/11
08:03 - Israel
16:16 - Trump Energy
19:39 - Is History A Lie?
25:53 - Porn Effects On The Brain
30:25 - Racism
35:37 - Trump Trials & American Elections
41:22 - The Real Enemey
50:02 - American Military Is Weak
54:16 - Alex Trolls AOC
1:00:41 - Alex Vs Marshawn Lynch
1:08:24 - Are There Any Good Black People?
1:10:35 - TPUSA Vs Nick Fuentes
1:18:57 - Jan 6 And The Future Of America
1:27:03 - Alex Stein Vs Porn Star
1:32:51 - Is Corn Is Bad For You
1:36:33 - They Wont Let Alex Swim Against The Girls!
1:40:17 - Big Tech Censorship
1:44:33 - Operation Paper Clip

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