EP08 Terrence K. Williams

Fellow black conservative, Terrence K. Williams comes on to talk to the Hodgetwins to expose fake woke culture and the hypocrisy of the liberals! He also gives a detailed look into his early life growing up with a drug-addicted mother and being passed around to different foster homes.


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03:45 - Democrats are racist
05:11 - Terrance Pops Off!
06:50 - The Twins Are STRAPPED!
08:10 - Black Culture
09:03 - Black Celebrity Culture
10:27 - People Need To Do Their Own Research
14:12 - America Neglecting Americans
15:49 - Charles Barkley Is An Idiot
20:17 - How Not to Act When Dealing with Police
28:45 - How To Act With The Police
34:07 - Terrance And The Cops
38:02 - Little Kids Gangsta Rapping
39:14 - Terrance Grew Up In A Foster Home
45:17 - Does Terrance Have Any Relationship With His Mom?
49:57 - What Does His Family Think About His Politics?
51:12 - Taking People's "Black Card"
53:49 - Foster House Vs Mama's House
1:03:09 - Different Upbringings
1:07:12 - Cousin T Vs Aunt Jemima

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