EP09 Ian Smith

Ian Smith made headlines when he refused to give in to the Covid tyranny trying to force him to shut down his gym. Since then Ian has traveled all over America as a public speaker championing individual freedoms and American values. He joins Keith and Kevin to talk about all the wild shit going on in our world! It's a DAMN GOOD episode!

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02:22 - Ian's Battle With The Government
04:50 - The Left Is Partnered With The Deep State
07:33 - Ian Was Arrested For Opening His Gym
09:20 - Ian Running For Congress?
11:46 - Not Allowing Candidates To Run For Office
14:01 - What was Ian's Red Pill Moment?
16:10 - It's About That Time...
18:23 - Fake News Stories PROVEN To Be False
23:04 - Is Israel A Terrorist State?
31:57 - Ben Shapiro vs Candace Owens
33:54 - Protected Groups
45:42 - AIPAC Has Too Much Power
50:19 - How To Run For Local Office
52:11 - Trans Talk
56:27 - Micheal Rappreprt Awakening
1:02:26 - New Pandemic
1:04:16 - Next Election
1:06:30 - Is Michelle Obama Trans?
1:09:32 - Voter ID
1:13:13 - "I Support The Current Thing"
1:16:25 - Men's Health
1:19:36 - Ian Opens Up
1:24:38 - What Is Life Like In Prison?

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